Bar & Cafe

Dine and relax in our Bar and Cafe, where we offer a wide selection of coffee, cakes, drinks, and dishes.

Look over the scenic view of Astrolabe Bay, while you sip your coffee made from exquisite Nespresso Coffee. Pair that aromatic and full flavoured coffee with our best tasting cakes and pastries, which are freshly baked and free from any preservatives. You can also order customized cakes, perfect for your special occasions or to simply indulge on your sweet cravings.

If you are in the mood to drink, we have a wide range of wine, liquor and cocktails to choose from.

Our Asian and Meditteranean dishes will surely satisfy your unique palate.

Our Bar and Cafe is also perfect to host your parties and intimate gatherings.

For further details and reservation, please visit our Contact page.


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